Boston Pizza, Subway, Pita Pit and Pizza Stop

Students may order online from Elementary School Nutrition Services(ESNS) for MondayTuesday and Friday’s lunch offerings. They may choose a selection from Boston Pizza on Mondays or Subway or Pita Pit on alternating Tuesdays as well as Pizza Stop pizza on Fridays.  All items will be delivered to Doon just prior to the second nutrition break on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. The items will have the child’s name and homeroom labelled on it. Students will proceed to the front foyer at second nutrition break to pick up their ordered item. Ordering instructions  may be found here: ESNS Ordering Instructions
Mondays – Boston Pizza; Tuesday – (alternating weeks) Pita Pit and Subway; Wednesday (alternating weeks) Swiss Chalet and Holy Guacamole; Thursday – snack items (cookie, bagged popcorn, etc); last Thursday of each month – Menchie’s Frozen Yoghurt; Friday – Pizza Stop.   Monday – Friday – Milk and drinkable yoghurt.
Please note that lunches cannot be saved over from day to day if you are absent.   If you are away from the school and know you have ordered lunch – please let the school know and we are happy to pass the lunch over to a friend.

Use of Peanut Butter Substitutes

A new substitute peanut butter product is being marketed to consumers as a safe alternative for children to bring to schools in place of peanut butter. The Waterloo Region District School Board asks that parents refrain from including these kinds of products in your child’s lunches or snacks. These products tend to look, taste, and smell very much like peanut butter. While the product is nut free, it mimics a known allergen that causes anaphylaxis in some children to the degree that it is indistinguishable from the allergen. It is a convincing substitute, opening up the possibility that it can be confused as peanut butter, or worse yet, peanut butter could be confused as this soy-based product. The safety and health of our students is our first priority, which is why our schools have procedures in place to minimize risk of anaphylaxis reactions in our students. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in avoiding the use of these products to assist in our continued efforts to create a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment for all students.