Administration of Medication

The following are Waterloo Region District School Board procedures that must be followed if it is necessary for a student to receive medication during school hours.  Please refer to this information before taking your son/daughter to a doctor’s appointment.

In situations where a physician deems it necessary that prescribed drugs be administered to a pupil at school, the Waterloo Region District School Board has approved medication form (IS-98-00 ) which  must be completed and signed by the physician specifying the following:

  1. a) diagnosis or reason for the medication to be given;
  2. b) medication(s) prescribed;
  3. c) dosage;
  4. d) time of administration each day;
  5. e) duration of continuing medication;
  6. f) possible side effects, if any.

The Waterloo Region District School Board approved medication form must be completed and signed by the parent or guardian requesting that the school comply with the physician’s order.

The medication must be brought to school in a pharmacist’s container and clearly labeled as to the following:

  1. a) name of patient;
  2. b) name of drug;
  3. c) administration instructions;
  4. d) storage and safekeeping requirements.

A locked cabinet or drawer will be provided in the office or a central location for the storage of medication.  Medication requiring refrigeration will be stored in the staff refrigerator in a locked container.

No more than one week’s supply of medication is to be kept in locked storage at any one time.

A medication log will be completed upon dispensing medication and shall include the following:

  1. a) student’s name;
  2. b) date;
  3. c) medication given;
  4. d) dosage given;
  5. e) time medication given;
  6. f) signature of the administrator(s) of the medication.

The log and medication forms will be kept near the medication storage cupboard or drawer.

The telephone numbers of the parents and physician must be readily accessible in the school for each student for whom medication is being administered.

The principal or designate is responsible for the storage, administration and supervision of a student’s medication. The child must take the medication in the presence of the principal or designate.



Extended Vacations (Greater than 5 days)

If you are planning a vacation and/or your child will be absent for 5 or more consecutive days, please fill out this form and have your child take it to each of their rotary teachers to sign. After this has been done, please have them return this form the office.  Temporary Student Withdrawal