About Us


Doon Public School is located at 1401 Doon Village Road and is home to the Tigers.  We  are an intermediate school which currently welcomes approximately 350 Grade 7 and 8 students from Pioneer Park, Brigadoon and J.W. Gerth Public Schools.  

We operate on a 6 day cycle and for your convenience we have included our 2013-2014 6 Day Cycle for Doon  which indicates the cycle day that applies to the calendar date, as well as a copy of our 2013-2014 School Day Bell Times.

Doon Staff work collaboratively to provide a welcoming, safe environment where students are encouraged to do their personal best. 

At Doon, we believe strongly in the development of good character.  The Eight Keys of Excellence guide our Character Development Program.  We strive to live by the following respect rules:   Speak with Good Purpose, Failure leads to Success, Integrity, Commitment, Flexibility, This Is It, Balance and Ownership

Here is a link to some more information on the 8 Keys:  What are the Eight Keys?